Flange Tools

The Mechanical Spreader has been developed to provide a safe, simple and cost effective solution to Flange Spreading. It is suitable for use during Commissioning, Constructing, Routine Maintenance, Shutdowns/Outages, Testing and Valve Change-outs.

The PETOL POP-IT FLANGE SPREADER & PRYING TOOL is a unique and versatile product rapidly gaining popularity in a wide range of industries including petrochemical, refining, pipeline, power generating, as well as emergency rescue.

The tool is available in two sizes which are extremely easy to use, durable, and capable of delivering an incredible amount of force. Simply insert the toes and turn the ratchet handle.

The P95-525 can deliver 10,000 lbs. of force with a 1/16" to 5-1/4" spread.

The PHD0535 can deliver an incredible 30,000 lbs. of force with 1/2" to 5-1/2" spread, or 20,000 lbs. with a 3" to 8-1/2" spread.

PETOL FLANGE ALIGNING TOOLS are a safe, fast, and effective solution for even the toughest flange alignment jobs.